The Marconi Van exhibition tells the story of Marconi’s pioneering work and its scientific legacy in radio and microwave physics. The exhibition combines:

Engaging exhibits and interactive activities exploring the past, present, and future of radio and communications physics.

An exploration of historical objects from the History of Science Museum’s Marconi collection.

Virtual experiments you can try yourself. As restrictions ease we shall be inviting you to have a go in the laboratory!

The exhibition is housed inside a 1968 Morris Motor Traveller van built at the iconic Morris Motors plant in Cowley, Oxford. The objects an information available inside the van will evolve as the exhibition progresses… so just because you’ve seen it once doesn’t mean there isn’t more to see.

The Marconi Van project is a collaboration between the Institute for Digital Archaeologythe History of Science Museum, Oxford, Magdalen College, OxfordOxford’s Department of Physics, and the Guglielmo Marconi Science Park, in Santa Marinella, Italy.

The Marconi Van on display in front of the History of Science Museum, Broad Street, Oxford.

COVID-safe exploration

Enjoy the Marconi Van by looking through the windows and, if you like, taking advantage of the linked online content. Visitors are also encouraged to continue their exploration of Marconi and his work inside the History of Science Museum’s basement laboratory

Where to find the Marconi Van

The exhibition launches on 25th May, 2021, at the History of Science Museum, Oxford. The Marconi Van will be available for viewing on the cobbles outside the museum throughout the summer — for full scheduling details click here. Information about subsequent exhibition venues will be made available here soon. If you are a teacher and would like information about guided tours of the Marconi Van please email alexy.karenowska@physics.ox.ac.uk.